We can help out with your wedding in Italy

As each year we have inquiries of couples that would like to use our venues as their wedding location, we would like to present you some price quotations. It is very hard, when preparing your wedding, to have a decent indication of costs and to really have an reliable idea what budget you need for your wishes. Briefly stated; all additional services can turn out as cheap or expensive as you want. It totally depends on your wishes. But you do need a point of reference while deciding your venue, the number of invitations and subsequently all secondary aspects, from catering, to decoration, to transport. We have tried to define steps, starting from the most important aspect with fixed costs, to additional services that you can influence by making choices of luxury and quantity.


  1. Getting married

What: Legal Civil Ceremony
Where: Palazzo Pretorio in Certaldo Alto
Price: €.700,00 + vat
Certaldo is a fascinating small Tuscan town, placed in the middle of the Chianti hills between Florence and Siena. The ancient part of town Certaldo Alto is an old fortification that dominates the valley and the modern part of town; the atmosphere is truly medieval with its fortified walls and spectacular views of the rolling hills, olive and cypress groves.

Palazzo Pretorio, the ancient 12th century Town Hall, is the setting for Legal Civil Ceremonies; it is placed at the top of the smal medieval town and overlooks the narrows cobblestone streets as well as the whole valley. Picturesque stone and terracotta coat-of-arms decorate the façade and the courtyard of the Palace, while the interior walls are adorned with frescoes from the 15th century.

Walking out of the palace a unique view stretches from the surrounding hills up to San Gimignano; here the charming brick buildings, towers and fortifications, the terraced garden and the characteristic brick pavement herringbone arranged seem naturally posing for unforgettable photos.

Option 1 – Palazzo Pretorio courtyard

  • This option is outdoor

  • A table, two chairs for the broom and the bride plus two chairs for the witnesses are provided

  • Seats for maximum 25 people are provided

  • Preparation of the court, decorations and flowers are to be considered separately and are not included in the price

Option 2 – Deconsecrated church of Saint Tommaso and Prospero

  • This option is indoor

  • Seats for 50 people are provided

  • Preparation of the church, decorations and flowers are to be considered separately and are not included in the price

2. Wedding dinner

ristorante (16).jpg

What: Wedding diner
Where: Pool & Courtyard La Corte d’Elsa
Price: €.65,00-€.100,00/person

Option 1 – Classic wedding dinner (€.65,00)

- Preparation of tables, dishes, garden
- Aperitif with prosecco and appetizers
- Rustic appetizer with 3 types of croutons 3 types of season grilled vegetables
- Two firsts courses
- Homemade ravioli stuffed with ricotta and spinach, dressed with tomato and basil.
- Penne alla “povera” with zucchini and zucchini flowers, cheese fondue.
- Second course
- Roast chicken with roast potatoes, salad.

Option 2 – Luxury wedding dinner (€.100,00)

- Preparation of tables, dishes, garden
- Aperitif with prosecco and appetizers.
- Tuscan appetizer with 3 types of croutons 3 types of sliced cold meats and seasonal vegetables pie with panzanella cheese fondue
- Two first courses
- Lasagne with meat sauce
- Penne pasta with arrabbiata sauce
- Second course
- Florentine steake with or without rucola, balsamic vinegar glaze

Additional drinks are not included in the price. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free menus are also possible, any intolerance can be communicated at the time of booking.

3. Regular dinner

What: Daily meals
Where: Hall or garden La Corte d’Elsa

Option 1 – Hall Only (€.150,00/day)

You can decide to use our hall with professional kitchen with a maximum capacity of 22 persons.

Option 2 – Pizza night (€.15,00/adult)

We are happy to make and serve are own pizza’s in the hall, or at a long table in the garden.

Option 3 – Classic Tuscan dinner (€.20-30,00/adult)

We are happy to serve a traditional Tuscan dinner in the hall or garden, starting from €.20,00/adult with a standard meat dish, to €.30,00/adult with the famous Florentine steak.

Additional drinks are not included in the prices. Children can join in with a discounted price.

4. Wedding Photographer

What: Wedding Photography
Price: starting from €.500,00

Alessio Musetti and Maria Cristina Nicoletti are Tuscan wedding photographers with years of international experience. Feel free to have a look at their portofolio.

Option 1 – Quick shoot
Duration: 2 hours
Price: €.500,00

Option 2 – Slow shoot
Duration: 6 hours
Price: €.1.100,00

Option 3 – Filmmaker
Duration: additional to photoshoot
Price: extra €.400,00